Saturday, January 29, 2005

What? What the …?!?

This morning I was woken up at quarter after 8 by a phone call. Guess who it was? It was a sails rep. WTF mate? This is a new one. When I lived in New York they only called during business days and in the afternoon or at night.

When I told her that who she was looking for was not here, she told me that this was just a “courtesy” call. What the heck kind of courtesy call is that at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning?

This is not the first time! Lately the phone has been ringing off the hook in the morning and at night from these reps. WoW

Wednesday, January 26, 2005 source code updated.

Early, early this morning I finished up with the source code update of the clan Menkey Playhouse’s website. I was too tired to make a post about it when I was done and I was busy today, so here it is now.

I finished with the update of my site about the same time yesterday morning is I did with the updated of the clan MP site today. Read more about it here. Up to last night the site was structured just like mine was before, separate files for each page. Each one of which containing a template, which had to be updated every time one of the others was modified. Well, now only one file, an “if else” statement to maintain and some content files.

I will redesign the site right after I am done with the redesign of mine. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Are you FUCKING with me kid?

I just got done explaining to my friend from Israel, who wants to build his own server, what he needs to do. I told him what parts he needs and he cannot remember what I have told him 40 seconds ago, so he keeps asking me questions, which he should not if he had THOUGHT over what I had just told him. I feel like a broken record, because almost every day we go over the same material, and this has been going on for weeks.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Website source code updated!

After half a dozen completion attempts and numerous changes to the code I have completed the reconstruction of the website’s pervious multiple page structure to a single page with “if else” statements. This structure is not exactly what I wanted it to be. For one I am not using the SQL database like I had planed before I started. Two I am using a lot more include now, which is opposite of what I wanted to do, if you remember from my post yesterday.

New blog added to Titan Fusion.

Last night I added a new blog space on the site for my friend Paula. I have talked to here about blogging before and I have explained to here what it is all about. She showed interested before, so I offered to host one for her few weeks ago, but did not get too far with it. We were talking on the phone last night and one of the subjects of our conversation was my blog and how she looks through it to keep updated on what is up with me. I told her that if she wants one I would gladly host it and maintain it for here. She answered in the affirmative, so now she has a blog on Titan Fusion.

Upcoming site update.

I am going to start recoding the site, soon. I want it to be more PHP and SQL structured (like I have not said that before). There were some problems with page includes toward the end of last week. You might have seen the error written pages if you had visited the site at that time. I know that these problems will be avoided when the pages are generated from the database. That is not to say that I won’t be using includes in the future, I am still going to. I love using includes! I will just have to on fewer occasions and only where necessary.

After I am done with the recoding or maybe while I am doing it, I will also make a page for all the blogs hosted on Titan Fusion. So far there are only three, but lets hope this number will grow soon.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Catching up!

I was telling my mom and Lori couple of days ago that since I have been living here I have caught up on all of my drinking in the last three weeks for the past three years. Just like I explained to Lori, I am not drinking because I am depressed or to get drunk, but because this is the Bulgarian culture, and by the way so are many others around the world. We drink when we eat, we drink when we meet and talk.

Yeah, what your mom’s been saying!!!

Do you ever watch TV and you hear someone say something or make an announcement and you wonder: “What the Fuck are these people on? Durrhhhhh!!!!!!”?

I was watching the news today. Apparently some Swiss scientist figured out that “eating peas, bananas and carrots is good for you.” It is supposed to help prevent something. WoW You have got to be kidding me. Something my mom and other people around me have told me for pretty much all my life and of course people have known for centuries.

Is spending money on something like that really necessary? Yes, I know they were researching which diseases and disorders they can prevent or help with, but it is so damn obvious. All fruits and vegetables are good for you. Yes, every vegetable and fruit works better on one or few diseases, but that does not mean that people should eat only specific ones. Especially, only when they have to due to some illness. They should eat all and at any time! They were provided to living beings as food and source of vitamins.

This situation is just like the many times I have heard news announcements about how a glass of wine or some other alcoholic drink a day or week is good for the body and mind. Wow, Durrhhhh, once again. Cultures around the world have known and have been doing these for centuries. Little bit of something is good, but overdoing is always bad. Even with vitamins, taking few is good, but taking lots and lots is bad for the body. It can not use them all, so they start building up and you are beginning to do the opposite of what you are trying. As more and more of these chemicals are collecting inside of you, you are poisoning your body and yourself.

I just thought of this. I figured out why the news make such obvious announcements. They use them for time fillers. Among everything bad they have time for, they want to show that there is good and that they are caring. In such times they are taking care of two challenges: one - they are showing something good, and two - they are showing that they care by using a health related topic.

Haaaha <= just felt the need to do that!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Horror! Why?

I am not sure how many of you have noticed it but what is up with all the scary movies being released lately? Well, not exactly lately, but in the last month. The entertainment industry has been releasing scary movies since the week before Christmas. In the days gone by since that week there are more scary movies released than probably in the last two years. I am talking about “A” movies, ones which make it to the movie theaters. To add to the upcoming ones, there are also “A” movies being released on DVD and VHS.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

WordPress upgraded from 1.2 to 1.5 beta.

This morning I decided on upgrading my blog’s application WordPress from 1.2 to 1.5. I have hesitated to do that for long time. Originally I had decided to wait for the final release of WordPress 1.5 before I upgrade mine, but I started with the beta when I decided to host a Brad’s blog. Since then I have been looking over the application and I do like the new feel and flexibility I have with it. It is more organized and automated. Managing files and styles is now incredibly easy. Instead of having a big file, which contains everything, like I had with the current release I was using, now components of the pages are separate, which makes customization easier.

Friday, January 14, 2005

It is so nice to swim.

I went to Vel’s work place around noon today. He works as a repairman for an apartment complex. A huge apartment complex, consisting of five twelve or so levels interconnected buildings. He called me over to work on couple of his computers and while being there make use of the swimming pool and gym of the apartment complex.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Uhhh, and which one is this.

It is weird how in this city all taxis look like police vehicles. A lot of them even have the spot light on the driver side. Dang! The vehicles are all the same models, too. On top of that 80 percent of the cabs are also painted the same colors as the police cars. To make it more confusing the taxies have lights on top of them. The lights on the police vehicles are short just like the ones on the cabs. To determine which one is which you have to look carefully, because the lights on the city vehicles are longer than the ones on top of the cabs.

Friday, January 07, 2005


This is unbelievable. I just saw on the news that there is some crazy and heavy snow fall in Las Vegas, NV. This is so mind boggling. It is snowing in the desert, a place where the temperature reaches over 120 degrees F. Amazing!!!

I guess those global weather changes are taking effect after all. But, it is all normal, all in Earth's 20000 years or how many there cycle.

UPDATE (01.10.05 6.38 PM EST)

Wow, the news just showed massive flooding in LA and unmanageable snow fall in Lake Tahoe. The reasons, the weather currents are suck in unusual patterns.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

All i can see is snow. What about you?

Dang, this city is a bigger snow magnate than Buffalo. Maybe not! Maybe the problem simply lays in that I have moved from the suburbs to the inner city. Less open areas here and of course the snow will build up more. It started snowing Tuesday evening and it did not stop till some time this morning. It is all over, at least for now.

I have been shoveling snow for the last two days. Freaking pain in the ass. The areas that need to be shoveled are too confined and there is a second level that needs to be taken care of as well, so the thought of using a snow blower is unmentionable. Heh, I guess I could think of all that snow shoveling as a good workout.

Now that the snow clouds are all gone, it is getting really, really cold. I bet tomorrow the roads will be all ice.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Audio Blogs!!!

I thought of something new today to try and of course to experiment with. It is an Audio Blog! What is an audio blog? Exactly what it sounds like, a blog entry but instead of being a text entry it is a recording. This way for anyone, who is too lazy to read my entries, can listen to them and of course enjoy my sweet voice with a sexy accent.

I will try to have most of my future text entries also converted to audio, but this is not guaranteed. Whenever I make any audio entries, which are not just a conversion of a text entry, I will include a summary or production notes of the audio entry and any highlights or links mentioned in it. This will allow you to decide if you want to listen to me or YES.

All audio entries, individual or text accompanying can be found under the Audio Blogs category. The audio files will be encoded in MP3 format. You can download the files to your computer or simply stream them from the server.

I am also thinking of buying a hand held recorder. Having one will allow me to record my thought and reactions to things I see or do or people I interact with during the day. I am positive this would be something entertaining and also give you an inside in my daily ventures.

Here is the first audio entry: atzanov.thetitan.podcast_20050104.

Of course it is just an audio transcript of this entry.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

SQL server problem.

There was a problem with the SQL server today. I am not sure what the problem was! Applications like WordPress, which I use for this blog and the ones I host as well as on my front page and few others on my site, and the Forums on the website were not working. As a result all of the pages were producing errors. The weird thing was that basic query and simple pages like the battles and about pages did work. On top of that, the weirder thing was that the ssi tool which feeds the news posts from the forums to the home page on was working while the rest of the forums did not.

Now everything seems to be work fine and it is all back to normal. There is no loss of data, which is even better news. This is the first time I have experienced a problem like this with the current host. Let us hope this was the first and last time this happened.