Web Sites

Bellow you will find a bit of background information on web site projects I have done in the past. These are web sites which I have started and was responsible for outside of my professional career as an employee for another company or a client.


AlexandarTzanov.com is my biography website. My education, work experience, skills and other career information is organized as my resume (North America) and CV. There I have also put together a portfolio of select professional projects and products I have worked on.

Titan Fusion (titanfusion.net) is my personal website. It is the very first domain I registered. Through it I began experimenting on the world wide web with web hosting and web development. It provided me with hands-on experience and opportunity to comprehend the web and web development. Now-a-days it serves as my personal blog, a place to express my personal opinions, as well as a place where I can publish content which I believe others will find helpful. Here is a brief history of Titan Fusion.

Titan Fusion Interactive (titanfusion.com) is my second venture as a business owner. Titan Fusion Interactive is an indie games studio.


CMP Home Page

Clan Menkey Playhouse (clanmp.us) started as an invite only gaming clan. Organized by Robbie Allen in the summer of 2002. After taking over as the technology administrator I initially designed and developed a website coded in HTML. The web site went through two iterations. The second version organized the content better and incorporating PHP and MySQL for some of the underlaying functionality. In late 2006 the custom website was replaced by Simple Machines Forum using the front-end portal solution – TinyPortal. Clan -(MP)- dissolved in fall of 2007. The community website shuttered in 2008.

Domain Record Info (domainrecord.info) was a DNS WHOIS service, which operated from 2007 to 2013. Domain record querying was performed using phpWhois. With Domain Record Info I introduce a social aspect by allowing users to leave comments and have discussions on query results pages. The comments system was an integration of Intense Debate.

Hive Minds Gaming (hivemindsgaming.com) was a gaming news digest, which existed from 2008 to 2013. It operated by aggregating articles from gaming news sites through RSS feeds from said sites and organizing those articles in relevant categories, e.g. PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, etc. The website was built using PHP. RSS feeds were queried using SimplePie.

Innovadix Corporation (innovadix.com) was my web development and management company from 2008 through 2014. Though, it started more as a collective for my web related projects, called “Hive Minds”, I formed and incorporated Innovadix to provide me with a brand. A corporate entity for the various products and services I was either already offering or I had ideas for. Innovadix provided me with the opportunity to learn what it takes to operate a small business, how to work with clients and bring their ideas and projects to realization.