WordPress upgraded from 1.2 to 1.5 beta.

This morning I decided on upgrading my blog’s application WordPress from 1.2 to 1.5. I have hesitated to do that for long time. Originally I had decided to wait for the final release of WordPress 1.5 before I upgrade mine, but I started with the beta when I decided to host a Brad’s blog. Since then I have been looking over the application and I do like the new feel and flexibility I have with it. It is more organized and automated. Managing files and styles is now incredibly easy. Instead of having a big file, which contains everything, like I had with the current release I was using, now components of the pages are separate, which makes customization easier.

The upgrade went without a hitch, so far. I did it tonight and it has been few hours since I upgraded. I have been customizing and familiarizing myself with some of the files, and so far I have not seen any errors. I only added and changed few things to tailor the looks of the current design. I am not planning on doing much more than that at the moment simply because I am only using a nightly build. Ergo, the files I changed will be overwritten next time I upload a newer nightly build. For now I will wait for the public release of WordPress 1.5 before I start making hardcore changed to the looks and adding plugging.

Even though namy changes are not possible at the moment due to necessary future updates of the files, I still recommend to anyone using the current 1.2.X release of WordPress to upgrade to 1.5 beta. There is plenty to like about it. Do it, you know you want to!!! 🙂

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