Catching up!

I was telling my mom and Lori couple of days ago that since I have been living here I have caught up on all of my drinking in the last three weeks for the past three years. Just like I explained to Lori, I am not drinking because I am depressed or to get drunk, but because this is the Bulgarian culture, and by the way so are many others around the world. We drink when we eat, we drink when we meet and talk.

When I was growing up there was always alcohol on the dinner table, and if I wanted I could always have it with my dinner. I had wine from time to time, did not really care too much for the beer. At that time the alcohol just did not attract me too much, I opted out for water or Coca Cola. I tell the same to people every time they ask me at parties or other occasion why I am not drinking. I tell them I do, but one – my theist is expensive, and what I drink is not available at the party and two – I grew up with alcohol around me. My grandfather had a winery and also made Vodka. I just do not put the same value many American adolescents and adults do on alcohol or the amount they consume. This just reminded me of a Bulgarian saying: when one man asked another why he is not drinking, the second man replied – “I can do without one drink, but I can NOT do with just one!”

While we are on the subject of drinking liquids, I have noticed that it is very rare when people here drink nectars and other fruit juices. It is odd to me, because, heck, that is another thing I grew up with. Also, another thing I have been able to catch up on!

The third thing I am starting to make up time on is ping pong. I have not played it since I went to camp in sixth or seventh grade. Vel is a big buff on, I could say soccer, but I prefer euro football, tennis and ping pong. Thus, I started playing ping pong in the beginning of the week, and now I have a feeling one more week of that and I will be close to making up the missed time.

Woo Hoo

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