Yeah, what your mom’s been saying!!!

Do you ever watch TV and you hear someone say something or make an announcement and you wonder: “What the Fuck are these people on? Durrhhhhh!!!!!!”?

I was watching the news today. Apparently some Swiss scientist figured out that “eating peas, bananas and carrots is good for you.” It is supposed to help prevent something. WoW You have got to be kidding me. Something my mom and other people around me have told me for pretty much all my life and of course people have known for centuries.

Is spending money on something like that really necessary? Yes, I know they were researching which diseases and disorders they can prevent or help with, but it is so damn obvious. All fruits and vegetables are good for you. Yes, every vegetable and fruit works better on one or few diseases, but that does not mean that people should eat only specific ones. Especially, only when they have to due to some illness. They should eat all and at any time! They were provided to living beings as food and source of vitamins.

This situation is just like the many times I have heard news announcements about how a glass of wine or some other alcoholic drink a day or week is good for the body and mind. Wow, Durrhhhh, once again. Cultures around the world have known and have been doing these for centuries. Little bit of something is good, but overdoing is always bad. Even with vitamins, taking few is good, but taking lots and lots is bad for the body. It can not use them all, so they start building up and you are beginning to do the opposite of what you are trying. As more and more of these chemicals are collecting inside of you, you are poisoning your body and yourself.

I just thought of this. I figured out why the news make such obvious announcements. They use them for time fillers. Among everything bad they have time for, they want to show that there is good and that they are caring. In such times they are taking care of two challenges: one – they are showing something good, and two – they are showing that they care by using a health related topic.

Haaaha <= just felt the need to do that!

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