Horror! Why?

I am not sure how many of you have noticed it but what is up with all the scary movies being released lately? Well, not exactly lately, but in the last month. The entertainment industry has been releasing scary movies since the week before Christmas. In the days gone by since that week there are more scary movies released than probably in the last two years. I am talking about “A” movies, ones which make it to the movie theaters. To add to the upcoming ones, there are also “A” movies being released on DVD and VHS.

I really do not want to look up all the names of the movies, but two I can think of that recently came out on DVD and VHS are the Forgotten and the Village, which I heard had a shocker ending. At the movie theaters, one released last week was White Noise and some of the upcoming releases are Boogie Man, Hide and Seek and Alone in the Dark. Yeah, I know the last one could be considered an action movie, but I think it would be more of an action-suspense. It is suspense by keeping you on the edge of your seat through creepy noises, shadows and questionable events, while satisfying your hunger for action through shooting, explosions and the destruction of anything standing vertical. By the way, I am planning on going to it.

Why is it that all of these movies are put out in such a short time from each other? I really do think that the nation and probably the world need not be showered with additional mentally and spiritually stressing media. There is already plenty coming from each side of us. Here is an idea of what I am talking about. Across the big pond we have the war in Iraq and the dumb and annoying French, and the Germans are not much help either. On the Pacific side there are the tsunami in Asia, the market in rapidly developing China, and the job exportation (outsourcing) to India. By the way for some time now I have wanted to write about the French. Last year I read an excellent article in the back of Time magazine about why they are acting in such manner toward the United States. In my opinion that article should have been at the front of the magazine. I do not doubt many of the magazine’s reader did not even make it to the last page to notice the well written piece. I also read a blog entry on something else which happened few weeks ago caused by the damn French. Yeah, I defiantly want to talk about the political scene in our country and internationally, but that will be some other time. Right now I am going to finish up on the subject of this entry.

I know it is only entertainment, but even that needs to be provided in thought out portions. All in all, if not sequels I think the nation needs some good thought out thrillers / serious thinking movies and few comedies. It is time to stop scaring people and get them thinking!

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