New blog added to Titan Fusion.

Last night I added a new blog space on the site for my friend Paula. I have talked to here about blogging before and I have explained to here what it is all about. She showed interested before, so I offered to host one for her few weeks ago, but did not get too far with it. We were talking on the phone last night and one of the subjects of our conversation was my blog and how she looks through it to keep updated on what is up with me. I told her that if she wants one I would gladly host it and maintain it for here. She answered in the affirmative, so now she has a blog on Titan Fusion.

You can find here blog at the following address: She already has couple of entries and in one of them she expresses the same conclusion Brad has expressed to me verbally:

…but I think this is a good way for people to “let things out.”

It seems like the three of us, and I am sure millions of other people, find writing/blogging a great way to let off some steam. Hoa, anther “durrhh” moment for me, because, heck, that is how it has been for very long time in this world.

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