Sunday, October 24, 2004

Site and Blog additions.

In the last few days I have been messing around with the code and different hacks/plug-ins for WordPress. Some of the things I have added to the blog are print post option. It can be seen on the right at the end of every entry. I have also added a poll and search word highlighting. Whenever someone arrives to the blog from a search engine or they use the search on the blog page the words the person was searching for will appear highlighted throughout the page.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I got the skills.

After working on the house for Habitat for Humanity on Tuesday, I now know how to put up dry wall. To add this to my other house building skills and I can pretty much build my own house. I know how to lay concrete, wire electric, telephone and cable. I have been painting almost every summer since I was in fourth grade. I know how to work with wood and lay pluming. I have done landscaping both for private homes and for a golf course. I have also worked on the watering systems of the above two. I have also laid carpet before. When I worked at the college, during my B.A. schooling, I also ran and installed CAT5.

There are few things I have not done, yet. Things like put shingles and siding on a house. Maybe few others, too, but I can not think of them right now.

Anyways, now I just need a vacant lot to build that house. HEHE

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Traction. WT hell is that?

I am watching the news right now, and earlier they had a “Weather Quiz”. The question was “What adds more traction?”. The three answers were: a) more snow; b) sand; c) water; Now, I know that after the quiz there will be something useful they are going to present to the viewers, but I just have to laugh at the answers. It is like: “uhhh, what is that thing that comes out the hopper of the snow plows in the winter? Ohh, yeah. Sand.” Well it could be salt, but salt was not one of the answers.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Masonic Habitat for Humanity

Today from 8:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M I will be working with the Masonic Habitat for Humanity. I have not done this before, but I think it will be interesting and also good experience. I am not sure what I will be doing. I do not even know if we will be fixing up an old house or building a new one. I certainly hope that there will be something technical or electrical to work on. We will have to wait and see. I will post more in the afternoon after I get back.

On another note, I think I will take some pictures of my fountain and my bonsai tree and post then here. The bonsai tree looks great now, after I added the little figure of three elders sitting around a table, drinking and talking. It looks cool, because the way the figure was designed, it endow with the sense that the three elders are looking at the tree and maybe discussing it. It’s really nice.

Categorizing on Blogger

Well, after further pocking around on Blogger and looking at other people’s profiles, I realized that the equivalent of categorizing entries is to create new blogs under your profile. On one had this is cool, because then you can have different designs/templates for different blogs. But the downfall to that is that you can not cross post, like I am doing with this post on the blog I host myself. In the blog I host myself, I can link a post to number categories I have created, that way it can be seen by anyone who monitors any one of the categories the post is linked to. With Blogger, unless I opt-out to repost in every blog, I will have to do extra linking just to have the post seen in every Blogger blog I have.

Blogger, more like a -

LoL now I have three blogs.
One hosted by me:
One hosted by
One hosted by Blogger:

I made one post on Blogger, and after further review of the features, I think I might stick to hosting my own blog. I have more options to customizing my content and organizing the entries. Maybe for a while I will keep mirrored posts, but we will have to see how long that will last.

I think that due to the limited flexibility of Blogger, the service is simply good just for common babble and nothing important that needs to be organized in categories. I think I will create a main page through which all of the blogs can be seen together. If that works, I think, I just might stick to keeping an updated Blogger blogs!

I wonder if Yahoo! would ever get in to providing people with blog services. Oh wait, probably should rephrase this. The correct question is: How long till Yahoo! Goes live with a blog service for its members. For some reason, knowing how Yahoo! Works, I have a feeling that they are already working on something of the sort.

Blogger + or -

Today I opened an account with Blogger. Seeing that it belongs to Google and I already have a Gmail account. I know that Google is planning to integrate Gmail with Blogger, so, I wanted to see what features it offers. I want to compare the benefits between hosting my own blog and having Blogger host it for me. Although, I am still going to store some files from Blogger on my server (TFnet/blogger)and not on the Google servers, Blogger will maintain the database. But the index file will point back to my web server. I know one benefit so far is that I can customize my temples. But I think I can do the same with Blogger. I need to look around little but more. Another benefit is that I can back up my blog database, when I host it myself.

When I host my own blog I can directly publish through a link, without having to visit my web site. But that problem is solved thanks to Firefox and the wonders of extensions. Woo Hoo

Well, I will have to look around. Maybe eventually I will move all of my blog entries on the Blogger web site. More to come…

Saturday, October 09, 2004

how to enjoy CS:S

Earlier this afternoon I was playing CS: Source and I figured out how to actually enjoy the game. For it to make sense and actually have fun playing it, there have to be at the most 6 players on each team. To me that seem more controlled but also more engaging, because then the rounds don't last forever and you get to search for people. Players also get a chance to better work as a team, which is how I think Counter-Strike was originally intended to work. Now with 10 to 15 players on each team, it's just a shoot out and a quick slaughter. Seems lame to me, and it doesn't required any skill or for players to work together.

Friday, October 08, 2004

CS is lame ... Source engine kicks ass

Last night I played CS:S so I can check out the Source engine, and now I remember why I stopped playing CS years ago, it is boring and lame, made so by the assholes who play it. Man this people are pricks. I tried CS:CZ & CS:CZ DS both boring. NS and FA have class, stile and the communities are much better. Well the NS community was better before STEAM - brows games and TechTV brought all the CS assholes over.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Source Engine

Wow, I just played Counter-Strike: Source, and the my machine was flying. It was awesome, I had the resolution turned all the way up, and even with a 3 year old All-in-Wonder 64 megs of RAM ATi the game was still performing outstanding. I could probably say it worked better than the current version of HL. If all other mods perform the same way, oh boy, ho boy, oh boy. I can't wait to play DoD:S on BfE.

Uhhaaa! Now back to tweaking the settings and enjoying the game.

HL2 pre-order available.

Woo hoo VALVe has finally made HL2 available to pre-order through STEAM. I guess they don't really care what VUG has to say about that, unless they have come to some sort of an understanding that I have not read an article about. Anyways! VALVe is offering three packages. I am going to buy the second, Silver, because I want all of the games. I just don't want all of the extra junk the third package offers, like T-shirt, posters and strategy guide (LoL, that's what god mod is for, hahahha). Opss the gummer's dark side in me said that, not me! ROFL