how to enjoy CS:S

Earlier this afternoon I was playing CS: Source and I figured out how to actually enjoy the game. For it to make sense and actually have fun playing it, there have to be at the most 6 players on each team. To me that seem more controlled but also more engaging, because then the rounds don’t last forever and you get to search for people. Players also get a chance to better work as a team, which is how I think Counter-Strike was originally intended to work. Now with 10 to 15 players on each team, it’s just a shoot out and a quick slaughter. Seems lame to me, and it doesn’t required any skill or for players to work together.

Firearms require skill to actually be good in it. As Robbie said, FA is 10 percent team work and 90 percent skill. Still, to acquire that skill a player has to work at it and also talk and observe other players to learn new tricks and develop his or her skills.

Natural-Selection requires for player to work as a team to win a round. Some guard, some build, other recon, but without the communication and team work the rounds could never be won. Even with the combat maps, the players have to work together to bring a devastating and round deciding punch to the enemy.

I must say again, over all the graphics and environment of the Source engine are amazing and enjoy them more and more every time I play the game. With the lighting and object effects I could just imagine what DoD or NS would look and feel like. I also looked through the mod n mod and I found some upcoming mods, which look like they would be pretty entertaining. There is especially one that cough my attention and I can’t wait to try: Empires. Funny thing is that, while looking through the mods list, I found number of WWII mods. I find this wired because up to now the only WWII mod for Half-Life was Day of Defeat. Oh, and I found a Cold War mod and Israelis vs. Palestinians mod.

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