I got the skills.

After working on the house for Habitat for Humanity on Tuesday, I now know how to put up dry wall. To add this to my other house building skills and I can pretty much build my own house. I know how to lay concrete, wire electric, telephone and cable. I have been painting almost every summer since I was in fourth grade. I know how to work with wood and lay pluming. I have done landscaping both for private homes and for a golf course. I have also worked on the watering systems of the above two. I have also laid carpet before. When I worked at the college, during my B.A. schooling, I also ran and installed CAT5.

There are few things I have not done, yet. Things like put shingles and siding on a house. Maybe few others, too, but I can not think of them right now.

Anyways, now I just need a vacant lot to build that house. HEHE

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