Alexandar Tzanov's Personal Blog

Site and Blog additions.

In the last few days I have been messing around with the code and different hacks/plug-ins for WordPress. Some of the things I have added to the blog are print post option. It can be seen on the right at the end of every entry. I have also added a poll and search word highlighting. Whenever someone arrives to the blog from a search engine or they use the search on the blog page the words the person was searching for will appear highlighted throughout the page. I am working on adding WAP feed to the blog. This will enable people to brows and read my blod on their cell phone. I also added a SPAM blocker. After my blog was SPAMed with comments from some gambling site, I was forced to look for some solution. The solution came in the form of WPBlacklist. From what I read on the WordPress forums, a lot of people’s blogs were SMAPed by the same bot. Well, after implementing the SPAM filter, knock on wood, I have not had any problems with unwanted SPAM comments.

I am pleased with the way things are coming out. I am experimenting with different looks and colors for the blog. I also have hand full of backgrounds I want to use as well. But, depending on how other parts of the blog come out looking, I might or might not use them.

In regards to my web site, there are few web pages I have to finish and it should be complete, for now. I will improve and add more to it in the future, when I actually have something to add to it. I just do not want to have supposedly existing sections on it, which lead to nowhere because those parts are non existent. I want to start mapping and programming, again. I think the easiest way to get into mapping would be by designing some maps for WarCraft III. I also want to design some apps for Linux. It seems like to get back in the swing of things I will have to start by reworking some of my old C++ programs both for Windows and Linux. It will help me with refreshing my memory and skills. If I get some time and actually start working on the preceding two, I am sure they would make a great addition to my web site. 🙂 But for now, whatever free time I have I have to use it to work on the Jus2 web site.

Now back to finishing up my work on the couple of pages left to do.