Blogger, more like a –

LoL now I have three blogs.
One hosted by me:
One hosted by
One hosted by Blogger:

I made one post on Blogger, and after further review of the features, I think I might stick to hosting my own blog. I have more options to customizing my content and organizing the entries. Maybe for a while I will keep mirrored posts, but we will have to see how long that will last.

I think that due to the limited flexibility of Blogger, the service is simply good just for common babble and nothing important that needs to be organized in categories. I think I will create a main page through which all of the blogs can be seen together. If that works, I think, I just might stick to keeping an updated Blogger blogs!

I wonder if Yahoo! would ever get in to providing people with blog services. Oh wait, probably should rephrase this. The correct question is: How long till Yahoo! Goes live with a blog service for its members. For some reason, knowing how Yahoo! Works, I have a feeling that they are already working on something of the sort.

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