CS is lame … Source engine kicks ass

Last night I played CS:S so I can check out the Source engine, and now I remember why I stopped playing CS years ago, it is boring and lame, made so by the assholes who play it. Man this people are pricks. I tried CS:CZ & CS:CZ DS both boring. NS and FA have class, stile and the communities are much better. Well the NS community was better before STEAM – brows games and TechTV brought all the CS assholes over.

I was fascinated by the Source engine. I love it, but I found something funny. The way the environment interacts with the players. I was standing next to a 50 Gal. drum barrel, and every time I tried to nudge it by walking sideways, it was bouncing me way. Literally. I tried it with another object, a bike laid against a wall, same thing. I kept bouncing off of it. LoL In the normal conditions, which the Source engine is trying to simulate, I should have been able to stand next it, and then push the objects over. Heh I guess there are still some bugs to fix, unless this way of interaction is supposed to exist.

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