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Blogger + or –

Today I opened an account with Blogger. Seeing that it belongs to Google and I already have a Gmail account. I know that Google is planning to integrate Gmail with Blogger, so, I wanted to see what features it offers. I want to compare the benefits between hosting my own blog and having Blogger host it for me. Although, I am still going to store some files from Blogger on my server (TFnet/blogger)and not on the Google servers, Blogger will maintain the database. But the index file will point back to my web server. I know one benefit so far is that I can customize my temples. But I think I can do the same with Blogger. I need to look around little but more. Another benefit is that I can back up my blog database, when I host it myself.

When I host my own blog I can directly publish through a link, without having to visit my web site. But that problem is solved thanks to Firefox and the wonders of extensions. Woo Hoo

Well, I will have to look around. Maybe eventually I will move all of my blog entries on the Blogger web site. More to come…