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  • Son: I’m not picking up this … I will have to wash my hands!

    It is nice to see how one’s child is developing and how new thought processes are emerging. My son, Alexandar, last night demonstrated forward thinking and logic. My son did not have dinner with us last night, because he ate not too long before the rest of us had dinner. So, during dinner he was […]

  • High-fructose corn syrup

    Why, why, why is this part of our food? I recently noticed that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is one of the main ingredients in maple syrup. Why? Am I buying maple syrup or am I buying maple flavored corn syrup? I’m so tier of reading the ingredients on various products’ packages and seeing high-fructose corn syrup listed. It seems […]

  • Being sanitary. … I guess that’s the end of that.

    Yesterday I was at the toilet at work. A coworker came in, did his business in one of the stalls and simply walked out. No washing hand or at the least pretend to do so, like some of my other co-worker. Yes, I can tell the difference. When you turn on and off the water […]

  • Cajun crawfish for dinner

    Just a while ago I finished 3 pounds of Cajun crawfish and 2 cans of Mountain Dew (my favorite non-alcoholic drink), and it was awesome. Sadly the crawfish, that are available in my area from the only place in southern Chicago, if not in the whole Chicago metropolitan area, are no longer produced and packaged […]

  • Soda Sampling

    For lunch today I decided to do McDonald’s. After I checked out and got my food, I went to the soda fountain to fill up my cup. As I was picking up a top and a straw for my cup, some lady walked up next to me looked funny into her cup then at the […]

  • Kill an American! – What is an American?

    This I came across and I find too good not to share with others. Apparently some moron in Pakistan, had a reward offer published in a newspaper. His offer extended to anyone who kills an American. Any American! To that an Australian dentist wrote a little description of what an American is, to make it […]

  • Yeah, what your mom’s been saying!!!

    Do you ever watch TV and you hear someone say something or make an announcement and you wonder: “What the Fuck are these people on? Durrhhhhh!!!!!!”? I was watching the news today. Apparently some Swiss scientist figured out that “eating peas, bananas and carrots is good for you.” It is supposed to help prevent something. […]

  • Thanksgiving trip!

    This entry is kind of late, but oh well; most of my entries are lat anyways. I spend Thanksgiving with Lori and Brad in Ithaca with their relatives. It was good, I had good times and I was craving some Thanksgiving turkey anyways. We went to Ithaca Thursday morning, and I rode with Brad in […]