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Thanksgiving trip!

This entry is kind of late, but oh well; most of my entries are lat anyways.

I spend Thanksgiving with Lori and Brad in Ithaca with their relatives. It was good, I had good times and I was craving some Thanksgiving turkey anyways. We went to Ithaca Thursday morning, and I rode with Brad in his car. That was a fun experience. His car for whatever reason does not have heat. I checked the car’s fuses and Brad said he had it at a mechanic before, who had checked everything else and had told him that there was nothing wrong with it. I told him it seemed like the problem was coming from his temperature regulator on the car’s dash. It just did not seem like it was doing anything when you turned the knob to hot. Anyways! It was snowing / raining outside, so that made being able to see through the front window almost impossible. The damn window kept fogging up and Brad did not have anything to wipe it with. Finally I had something like a handkerchief in my jacket’s pocket, the type most people use as a head band, so I gave it to him. That kind of worked. LoL Kind of! It was good enough to clear the window, but because of the way it was made, it did not absorb any of the moisture. In the end all it did was to smear the water and any other elements on the inside of the windshield and made it even harder to see outside. After about three hours of this we made it to the house in Ithaca.

The rest of the day was, hmmm, relaxing.?! We had more of a Thanksgiving lunch than dinner, but it made no difference. I was able to get my fingers on that juicy turkey red meat and with it stuffing and gravy. Woo Hoo I pretty much ate all day long. You might as: Why the hesitation in the beginning of this paragraph? Well, because for entertainment we were watching football. I know most people make that part of their Thanksgiving tradition, but I do not like football or pretty much any conventional sports on TV. I enjoy them more if I am actually playing them. As a result I was able to get an hour and a half nap, seeing that that is how much sleep I had had between Tuesday morning and Thursday evening.

Latter that night Brad and I went to Steel’s house. There I was welcomed by his two dogs, a chocolate lab, which was huge, and a French Brittany. Needless to say both of them were friendly, very friendly, little bit too friendly, too damn friendly! While I was able to feel first hand, well more like first thigh, how my pants are a better moisture absorbent than the handkerchief I had given Brad in the car earlier that day by soaking the slab draining from the lab’s mouth, I was sucker punched in the nose when the Brittany jumped four feet in the air to lick me in the face. To top all of that I had to constantly guard my sack, because the Brittany just like Digger is a crach addict. Eventually the dogs were caged until the next morning. Brad and Steel stayed up to watch the Butterfly Effect, I went to sleep on the couch. Oh how much I love to sleep on couches – NOT. In all of my travels and of all the couches I have slept on, I have come across only one comfortable couch. Of course it was located in front of a fire place that burned all night and probably the fact that I had just driven five and a half hours at night also had something to do with it. But back to my story. On the next morning Steel left for Best Buy at 5:30A.M., I woke up and never went back to sleep after that, but I did not get up till about 7:30. Oh that couple of hours were fun, well more fun for the dogs than Brad or I. Brad was sleeping on one couch and I was on the other, the dogs were out of their cages so they were running freely around the house. Every time they went through the room they had to come and lick us. The room had two entrances, so they would come through one side of the room go lick Brad then on their way out they would come to me. HAHA Unlike me, Brad is like my brother, they sleep a lot. So I had the sense to tuck the comforter under my head, legs and one of my arms. LoL My other had I kept out so I can push the dogs away. At one point that was a mistake, because one of them while chasing my hand was climbing on me and almost stepped on my face. Brad on the other hand, with his love for sleep, just punched the dogs and kept on sleeping leaving himself uncovered and open for the dogs to come back, which they always did. 😆

Eventually I was tired of hiding from the dogs, so I got up had breakfast and watched the news. Latter in the morning I watched the Terminal. I like the movie, good story although I was no too impressed by the ending. Just something personal, that is all. Latter in the day we all went to a hockey game in Rochester to watch one of the relatives play. After the game Lori, Digger and I headed home.

That was my thanksgiving. Heh, might not seem like much, but I had fun. Another road trip for me.