Son: I’m not picking up this … I will have to wash my hands!

It is nice to see how one’s child is developing and how new thought processes are emerging. My son, Alexandar, last night demonstrated forward thinking and logic.

My son did not have dinner with us last night, because he ate not too long before the rest of us had dinner. So, during dinner he was up in his room playing with his wooden trains. Just about when dinner was over he came down to ask us to come up to his room and play with him and the trains. But, during dinner our daughter had made a mess with her food. So, while she was getting the food cleaned off of her, my wife ask him to help pick up some of the food off of the floor. As he took one glance at it, he stated, while walk away:

“I am not picking up this. It’s messy. I am playing with my trains and I will have to wash my hands!”

It was nice to see him reason for why he was refusing to do something, as well as prioritize what’s important to him.

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