Being sanitary. … I guess that’s the end of that.

Yesterday I was at the toilet at work. A coworker came in, did his business in one of the stalls and simply walked out. No washing hand or at the least pretend to do so, like some of my other co-worker. Yes, I can tell the difference. When you turn on and off the water faucet without leaving enough time in between to even get your hands wet, let alone to actually wash them, and maybe add some soap – it is pretty obvious. And, NO, wetting the tips of your fingers does not qualify as hygiene.

On a side note: Here is an instructional video on how to properly wash your hands, filmed by students from ITE College East:

Personally I think step 4 is not necessary. Maybe more applicable when in hospital settings or out in the field.

Back to the subject at hand: At work we also have a new refrigerator that makes ice. Unfortunately, it does not mechanically dispense it. A person has to reach into the ice box and take out individual cubes. I wash my hands before doing that, because I know it is neither ethical nor healthy to take out ice with dirty hand. I have hear and read about the ice in restaurants.

Earlier as I was walking toward the fridge to get some ice, I remembered what I observed yesterday and realized that that very same person could also be consuming the ice. Knowing that he doesn’t wash his hands I can, without a doubt, be hapless he doesn’t wash his hands before taking ice, either. And for that matter any other person that takes ice out of the communal ice box.

Cold drinks … I guess that’s the end of that!

P.S. Please, do use the ass gaskets. They are there for a reason. Oh, and cast your vote in the coworkers’ hygiene poll below, and sound off in the comments.

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