Cajun crawfish for dinner

Just a while ago I finished 3 pounds of Cajun crawfish and 2 cans of Mountain Dew (my favorite non-alcoholic drink), and it was awesome. Sadly the crawfish, that are available in my area from the only place in southern Chicago, if not in the whole Chicago metropolitan area, are no longer produced and packaged in the USA, but are from China.

I recently had oysters produced and canned in China, and they weren’t very good. There were bits and peaces of shells. I had to go to a more expensive store to buy ones that were made and canned in Germany. I can tell you now that the quality was significantly different . From the size of the oysters to the quality of the oil there were in – just an unparalleled improvement.

What king of sea food do you like? Have you had similar experience with can foods?

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