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  • The great Google / TitanFusion.net experiment

    I have decided to conduct an experiment on my website TitanFusion.net. A very involved experiment.  I am going to see how many aspects TitanFusion.net: email, blogs, sub-sites, files, feeds, exc. can be hosted and served by Google services, be they independent or part of Google Apps. I have already been using Google Apps Mail and Feedburner…

  • Evolution of a blog

    I have decided to change the blog’s theme once again. I want to go with something more professional. I chose BlueBird, because I wanted something less busy, more open and, at the time, I was also high on the Twitter wave. Lately I have been kind of burned out on Twitter! I am not as…

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

  • It’s a BOY!! Woohhhoo

    It’s a BOY!! Woohhhoo

  • Server change

    Due to increasing costs of operation the host, from which I was renting my server, closed its doors yesterday. So because of that I had one week, going back, to find a new host and move my data. Because of the number of sites I am hosting and the comfort of being in control of…

  • Blog, we have. A new one it is!

    I was able to convince my sweetie to try blogging. She seems pretty excited to have one, so am I. From the looks of it, it appears that she is planing to give some insides to me. It should be very interesting. He-He. Here is the web address to her section on Titan Fusion: mandy.titanfusion.net

  • Happy 2006

    Happy New Year from Amanda, me and Titan Fusion. We wish you all happiness, good luck, plenty of health and lots of success in the new 2006. Enjoy yourselves, your lives and appreciate what you have. Fun, fun, fun and lots of love and prosperity.

  • Hive Minds Hosting is borne.

    The last hosting incident lead me to something I did not think I would really ever do. What that might be you are asking? Something that guarantees me that my web sites will remain always up and free of charge. I started my own hosting company – HiveMindsHosting.com. At the moment I am still in…

  • On-Line again.

    I am Back. Yahhhh, hahahhaha. As you have been able to see and those of you who have Titan Fusion e-mail have been able to experience, the site was down for little bit over a week. That was due to my host, Ankahost.com, going kaput. But, as I am writing this, I decided to see…

  • Busy with Life.

    Hi everyone. There has not been any activity on my part on the web site and this blog for over three weeks now. It is not that I am done with this, I am far from it. The thing is that I have been busy with work and lots and lots of traveling. To add…