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I have decided to conduct an experiment on my website A very involved experiment.  I am going to see how many aspects email, blogs, sub-sites, files, feeds, exc. can be hosted and served by Google services, be they independent or part of Google Apps. I have already been using Google Apps Mail and Feedburner for years. Why not commit to some of the other available services. There have number of good improvements.

I have had for over a decade now and over the years it has seen number of changes, both design and features. It is time again for more changes. I am aware that by moving my site and almost every web aspect of it to Google group of services comes with number of limitations. Most discouraging of which is knowing that I will not have a hard copy of the site and its content. Knowing that I will not be able to easily, if at all, grab a copy of the site as a whole and upload it to another server within mere minutes to a different server makes me think more than twice if I should event commit to undertake this project. If I decide to make the movie, it will affect the amount and type of content I end up publishing on.

But, reflecting on the last couple years, I have simply not made very many changes nor published much content to begin with! I have concentrated mostly on work at Innovadix, and any new content on has been in the form of short blurbs on the Tzanov’s Tweets blog.

My first step will be to port as much of the site’s data to Google services as possible. Then test to make sure everything functions normal. I will also have to either create new templates or change existing ones to be compatible with the Google platform, and at the same time be unique to Titan Fusion. In addition, I will have to come up with some sort of a data backup/replication of any content and media I publish on Google.

If everything looks and feels the way I want it, I commit to the change.

BUT, only till next time I feel like gutting out!