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On-Line again.

I am Back. Yahhhh, hahahhaha. As you have been able to see and those of you who have Titan Fusion e-mail have been able to experience, the site was down for little bit over a week. That was due to my host,, going kaput. But, as I am writing this, I decided to see if their web site has gone back up. It has, and this is the message I found there:

firstly, sorry for this inconvenience.I was sold to new owner of owner name is Joshua Brady.But this new owner is deceitful / fraud.This new owner was deleted all domains info from server.Sorry for this inconvenience.We aggrieved about this new owner too.

Please send us your all domains and account info to this below email address, we will re-create your account to new server;
[email protected]

Well, too bad for them. I guess!!! I do not know what they are doing or were trying to do. Maybe make some money. I will send them an e-mail with the information for and have them host it again. I will have the site with them until the end of the hosting period I had paid for. Unless they give me few months in addition for free. For now though, judging by their writing skills, I am going to wait, to make sure that this is legit. I do not want it to be a hack or some domain name take over. If their site goes back to its old looks or something similar, I will send them the information and have them recreate the account.