Server change

Due to increasing costs of operation the host, from which I was renting my server, closed its doors yesterday. So because of that I had one week, going back, to find a new host and move my data. Because of the number of sites I am hosting and the comfort of being in control of a server and its resources, and because I like to keep my data close, I decided to move everything to a VPS – a virtual private server, which I rented from the same data center in the CBOT building, where my old host had collocated its servers. It was a fast and affordable solution for the situation.

Because the VPS servers, FDC Servers offers, are simply server shells, I had to spend last 5 days looking through RPM repositories, installing and configuring software. It was a learning experience. I pretty much staid up to 2:30 AM every morning, hurrying to get the darn server up to stat, but I did not mind it. I enjoy working with Linux it provided me with some practice.

I finished my configurations early yesterday morning and began to restore the hosted sites. Now I have to finish uploading the last few files of Titan Fusion and everything will be as before. The only thing that would be left to do is to restore the permissions, where needed, so scripts and web applications can work correctly.

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