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Busy with Life.

Hi everyone.

There has not been any activity on my part on the web site and this blog for over three weeks now. It is not that I am done with this, I am far from it. The thing is that I have been busy with work and lots and lots of traveling. To add to the above, I am moving into a new apartment, four times the size of my current one. Woo Hoo!!! The sweet deal of that is that my rent will only grow with half of what I am paying for my current apartment. The sweeter deal is that my sweetie is moving in with me.

I guess, what I am trying to say is – there will be more of me tinkering with the designs and plenty of new posts to the blog ones things settle in a week or two!?! This entry is just to tell you all that due to a hectic adult life, I have not had any time to do much of anything on the computer. There will be more, though. There will be bunch of entries posted with a back date, so make sure you read back.

And, it is late now, but I was not home nor near a computer. To be exact, I was helping to clean the new place, because the woman living there before was DAMN dirty.

Eagle Sam Cartoon

Happy Independence Day to all.