Manage your expectations!

I was looking for a cheap shogi (Japanese chess) as a starter set to learning how to play. I found nice looking plastic one on Amazon for about $20. I looked at the reviews and I do not know why I still become surprised by some of the expectations people describe in their reviews. For example, one person complained that it was made from plastic and good ones are made of wood! Well, not for $20. Just watch the video below to understand what it takes and how many people are involved in making just the pieces from wood. Another complaint that there were not instructions in English. A quick look at the product description would have revealed that said product is an import from Japan. If it is a product made for the Japanese market, there will not be instructions in other languages!

It seems to me that the fast shopping and fast delivery expectations Amazon has fostered into people is preventing them from performing a closer inspection of what they are actually buying.

The first video is the making of shogi pieces, and the second video is the making of shogi boards.


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