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  • Candle: The Power of the Flame on the Nintendo Switch

    I bought the game Candle: The Power of the Flame for the Nintendo Switch. It is a puzzle platformer. The game itself is beautiful, and while I am still in the beginning, I am enjoying it. My only complaint is that the text size in the speech bubbles is so small I can barely read…

  • Asteroid City

    Just got back from seeing Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City. The movie in one word – AWESOME!

  • The smartphone killed so much tech creativity

    Lately I have been into vintage Sony devices. Just looking through the vast number of Walkman, digital cameras, Clie and Vaio product lines that Sony used to produce, made me realize how much creativity and variety has been lost thanks to the smartphone. Devices, high quality ones, like cameras, camcorders, portable audio devices, radios, disc…

  • Morning walk memento

    This pink evening primrose is a wonderful memento from my morning walk with Dallas.

  • How to factory reset Sony Internet TV?

    If you have an old Sony Internet TV, one of the very first collaborations between a TV manufacturer and Google, and you want to factory reset it – follow the steps below. I decided to resent mine, because the apps on it stopped working long time ago and it stopped syncing with my Google account…

  • It is Texas, turn off your Christmas decorations!

    With the cold front we are currently undergoing, and the fact that it is supposed to continue for another two days, it is very much expected for the power grid to be under some very high demand for the next few days, but especially tonight. Considering that this is Texas, and the power grid can…

  • Luigi’s Mansion

    Luigi’s Mansion

    I am watching my wife play Luigi’s Mansion and I can’t but not wonder – Is Luigi’s Mention Nintendo’s take on Capcom’s Resident Evil? They are similar – wondering around a mansion, lone hero, ghosts instead of zombies, looking for keys! Nintendo’s version is just more … family friendly.

  • Rain, rain, and more rain

    It has been raining all night and all day, and it’s supposed to continue raining through tomorrow.  I am glad we don’t have a basement to worry about anyone more. I do enjoy listening to the frogs croaking. Thought, here they sound more like they are chirping.

  • Snow’s back

    Snow, snow, let it snow 🌨️ …. As long as there are no high winds and super low temperatures 🌬️🥶 I wish I could go skiing or snowboarding. I have not had the opportunity to do so since 2002!

  • First orchid flower for 2020

    First orchid bloom for this year. I have another plant currently budding. Should be blooming in a few weeks.