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  • Empty space is distracting

    Every once in a while, I see people on Twitter and YouTube show off their minimalist desks. Today I saw someone, on Twitter, show their big acrylic desk with just a PC, pair of speakers, io devices, clock and a water bottle. By my count, there were less than 10 objects on that big desk.…

  • Happy Birthday Matt

    Happy birthday to my fellow Texan Matt Mullenweg. It is thanks to Matt and his inquisitive nature that I started blogging on Titan Fusion 20 years ago using the wonderful WordPress. Thanks Matt, happy birthday, and to many more!

  • How to fix msvcp110.dll and msvcr110.dll error in Steam games?

    The msvcp110.dll and msvcr110.dll files are part of the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package for programs build in Visual Studio 2012. This package comes as two separate installers – one for 32-bit systems and one for 64-bit systems. In most cases Steam is supposed to check and install or prompt to install these packages, but…

  • Manage your expectations!

    I was looking for a cheap shogi (Japanese chess) as a starter set to learning how to play. I found nice looking plastic one on Amazon for about $20. I looked at the reviews and I do not know why I still become surprised by some of the expectations people describe in their reviews. For…

  • John Carmack about working with Steve Jobs

    I came across this post while cleaning up some old “read” links. It was good to read it again. It was a reminder about how when you know what you are doing you can withstand a lot, and that you should not be afraid to “think different”! “I trust you John, do whatever you think…

  • Best financial advice?

    Someone I follow on Twitter asked – what is the best financial advice you have received? I do not think I can say that I have one specific example I can answer with. I do have several different examples I would consider good guiding principles for saving money.

  • Morning walk memento

    This pink evening primrose is a wonderful memento from my morning walk with Dallas.

  • It is Texas, turn off your Christmas decorations!

    With the cold front we are currently undergoing, and the fact that it is supposed to continue for another two days, it is very much expected for the power grid to be under some very high demand for the next few days, but especially tonight. Considering that this is Texas, and the power grid can…

  • My afternoon got flipped

    My activity plan for the afternoon was to remove several overgrown bushes, maybe cut the grass, it takes me only an hour. I was also going to replace several boards on the fence, and deal with fire ants. In other words – yard work. That quest line did not last. Actually it did not start…

  • Another day done

    Another day done.Going home. Train moving.Watching the world go by.