Haha – no way!!!

Amanda and I just finished watching the Whole Nine Yards on DVD. I switched the receiver to TV. Apparently the cable box was on, because what I saw confused me for a moment. I guess I forgot to turn off the c-box when I put in the DVD. Before the movie Amanda was watching Seinfeld on TBS earlier, so that was the channel that was on at the moment. Guess which movie they were showing? That’s right – the Whole Nine Yards, it was about half way through. I find it funny, that Amanda and I rented the DVD and we watched the movie the same night and at about the same time it was being broadcasted.

What a coincidence?!

One response to “Haha – no way!!!”

  1. Yes, quite a coincidence. However, I can not comment because I was fast asleep…ZZZZZZZ

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