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  • 65 – enjoying a movie without expectations

    65 – enjoying a movie without expectations

    The family and I went to see the new Adam Driver movie – 65. My family did not know what the movie was about. As far as me, from what the trailer showed, I knew that Adam Driver was in it, seemed like it was Sci-Fi, and there were dinosaurs. So, I definitely was going […]

  • Blade Runner

    I’m streaming Blade Runner from Netflix right now. I’ve seen the movie in its entirety before, but I don’t think I have ever actually sat down and watched the movie. I suppose I will finally know what exactly this film is about. Here is a line I found pretty funny at the time when Leon […]

  • Oh Snap! – Red Alert 3

    Wow, just wow! This is the best game ad I have seen in very, very long time. Once again the Command and Conquer community is in for a visual treat. It looks like the upcoming Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 has a great cast of actors. I really enjoy watching this video. I really […]

  • Why you should buy Epic Movie.

    Need I say more?! And it is funny.

  • Saturn 3

    After spending some time and searching for it, on and off, for few years, I finally found the name of this movie. I saw it when I was a kid, and I have been wanting to see it again. Its name is Saturn 3. I don’t remember much of the movie, other than it was […]

  • Far Cry – The Movie

    Uwe Boll does it again. The “let’s make it into a movie” game cinematographer, this time around, has brought us Far Cry. After watching the movie trailer, it think that it looks more than decent. In many people’s eye Uwe has the reputation of being the man with the ability to take a great game […]

  • Watching Army of Darkness and …

    Watching Army of Darkness and Looney Toons: Back in Action (sweet recall button), while resolve some config issues on the new server.

  • Amanda and I got home few hour…

    Amanda and I got home few hours ago from Carissa and Steven’s wedding. Now, the Matrix is on on the Net (WinAmp Shoutcast TV).

  • Haha – no way!!!

    Amanda and I just finished watching the Whole Nine Yards on DVD. I switched the receiver to TV. Apparently the cable box was on, because what I saw confused me for a moment. I guess I forgot to turn off the c-box when I put in the DVD. Before the movie Amanda was watching Seinfeld […]

  • Harry Potter – and the cool flame looking goblet!!!

    Last Wednesday, the 22th of November, Amanda and I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The movie was good in my opinion. Both Amanda and I really enjoyed it. There were good effects and animations. You know all the usual things they had before, just better quality, but such is the […]