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  • My Theories about Raised by Wolves

    After finishing the sixth episode in season 2 of Raised by Wolves – The Tree, I have some theories on what might be going one. So far everything has been a collection of mysteries and exploration. But, after seeing how the sea creatures interacted with Tempest and her baby, the result of contact with a […]

  • Barack Obama presidential inauguration live video stream

    For anyone that is not at the Barack Obama presidential inauguration or at home watching it, and you would like to watch it, you can do so here. I have embedded the UStream.TV live video stream below. The nice thing is that there is also audio, not just silent video. 07:48 AM Currently it is […]

  • WTF SNL?

    For a first time last night, probably in 4 or 6 years, I watched Saturday Night Live. They had John Bon Dovi, so I wanted to watch it. The show was horrible compared to what I remember of it. They had their funny “moment”, but the producers or whoever was responsible for the structure of […]

  • Watching Army of Darkness and …

    Watching Army of Darkness and Looney Toons: Back in Action (sweet recall button), while resolve some config issues on the new server.

  • Watching classic cartoons, whi…

    Watching classic cartoons, which by the way are pretty violent, as I work on WordPress sidebar widgets.

  • Haha – no way!!!

    Amanda and I just finished watching the Whole Nine Yards on DVD. I switched the receiver to TV. Apparently the cable box was on, because what I saw confused me for a moment. I guess I forgot to turn off the c-box when I put in the DVD. Before the movie Amanda was watching Seinfeld […]