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ssi.php - Thanks!

I have been trying to figure out how to strip and hack the code from the index page of the IPB forums, so I can have the posts from a specific forum displayed. The reason why I wanted to do that is so I can display the news on the Clan -(MP)- site. Until tonight what I was doing is have SQL table and forms to which I mirrored the news posts on the forums. That is kind of hard, simply because I am not the only person posting news. Whoever is making a news post they will have to remember that they make a post not only on the forums but also to the news form for the web site.

Email signature generators!

Since GMail came out, I have started seeing many people add signatures and banners to their forums profiles and websites. The banners display the email address of that person. Why would someone do that? Well in the beginning the GMail was cool, not that it is not anymore, everyone wanted to show that they have an account. That is because to acquire a GMail account you have to be invited. How could one show off without getting his email inbox filled with SPAM? If a person wanted to display their email they would have had to type it out in they signature. That is plain text. Most of us know how a new email account can be spammed the easiest, leave it on some website as text so when the SPAM bots index the site they will pick up your address and store it in their database for the spammer to use or sell at a latter time.

UP!!! :)

Lori send me the following in an email. I like this little analogy of the word UP. It is pretty creative and brings UP some thought. Whoever decided to write this UP must have had some time on his or her hands to think UP all of this UP stuff!

Is it a variable or is it a value?

LoL, just wiped up a quick script for the ad banners on my web site. I want to use different shaped banners in different locations on the website, but I do not want to make a separate file for the code of each ad. Why would I make a separate file for the code of each ad? Why do not I simply past the code in the page I am working on? Well, there are few reasons why I am doing that. They are as follows:

TFnet hosts a new blog.

I just finished setting up the first blog I am hosting on my site for someone other than myself. Brad has expressed interest in the blogging concept after I explained to him what it is. Although he is not the first person I have offered to host a blog for, he is the first one to accept.

I was finally able to setup the redirect for Brad’s subdomain: Who would have thought that a ”/” would make such a big difference? Hehe, it always helps to read the instructions. LoL After I added Brad’s subdomain, I wanted to redirect it to the subdirectory of his blog, seeing that at the moment in his subdomain there is not any other content. I tried doing that on Saturday night, but I managed to mess up the redirecting process. Every time I browsed to his subdomain I was redirected to nonexistent places and given weird errors. I emailed my host company and asked for some assistance with the problem and the DNS record. Expecting some kind of response I did not bother with it yest…

Gmail Notifier 0.4

There was a new version release of the GMail extension for FireFox today. I tried upgrading mine through that Mozilla update application but I received some error. Like usual the Mozilla update server is generating errors and out of sync. :mad:Ahhh Grrrr:mad: I just had to go to the author’s web site and download the new extension file from there. Like usual!!!

Hoa, long but interesting day.

Today was a long day. I got up at about 8 o’clock this morning to unload a generator with Brad from Lori’s car. After that I went to bed for about forty minutes or so got up again and readied myself for the day. At around noon Brad and I took Justice to his basketball game. There we met with Lori, her mom and sister. After the game we all went and grabbed something to eat.

The damn double cheeseburgers, fries and mayonnaise are starting to get to me. Soon, I will have to change my diet!

After lunch we split. Brad and I went on to shop for his Christmas presents for his family. Little bit after 3 P.M. we went to Justice’s ice hockey game. The game was good Justice’s team won with 10 to 2 goals, which by the way reminds me that his basketball game ended in victory, as well. The score was 22 or so to 14 or 16. I did not really look at the score board on my way out. Following the ice hockey game Brad and I went to his apartment and I fixed the lock on his door and secured his computer.


A small website addition.

Here is something I did but forgot to post a news update about.

I updated my website with a Writings section. On that page you will be able to find the tutorials and essays I have written. Maybe in the future I will expend the materials on that section to other writings. For example, every once in a while I like to write movies and games reviews.

FireFox Adventures Begin.

I decided every once in a while to write about my experience with the FireFox browser. The FireFox Adventures category will hold my entries about the browser. The same entries will be made in the blog I am provided with on the Spread FireFox website. So, without any further a due, here is my first entire about my adventures in the world of FireFox. BTW – WoW this sounds so geeky. Hehehe, here is the intro:

I have been using FireFox for a long wile now. I first tried it on Linux, Red Hat’s version 9. Knowing how long it has been since Red Hat 9 was released and since then it has turned into the Fedora Project should only tell you that it was the time when FireFox was still known as FireBird. I first tried it after I read on its specs page I did have to install it on my Linux box, I could run it from a CD. Those of you who use Linux know that installing programs on Linux can some times be not only tricky but a messy process, also. FireBird seemed like the perfect alternative to using the…

eBay Ad Lists Manhattan Judge for Sale

The eBay Ad Lists Manhattan Judge for Sale article is one heck of a story. It goes to show that people will do anything to win or out of despair. Yet, I am going to praise this artist’s creativity and unique attempt to help herself and to improve her situation. Although I am pretty sure that at the end all this stunt did was to push the scales against her for the same reason she acted like she did - the will for self preservation.

Wishes’ Circle.

This was supposed to be a short post about how wonderful I felt for a moment when I looked outside my window and saw the slowly falling snow. Instead, thanks to my sarcasm and twisted sense of humor, it turned into what it is now. I could go on and on with the story brining new events to it. Instead I decided that just few would be enough. If I made it too long, some of you might decide not to read it. Number of times I had the opportunity to end the story in horror, but I rather it had a positive and happy end.

Although it has been snowing all day and I have not really paid attention to it, and as much as I do not want it to snow, yet, I find it beautiful as I look outside my window this very moment. Somehow it feels great, kind of classy and traditional, Christmas is coming, it is snowing out side. Seeing the countless snow flaks falling on the ground simply makes it impossible not to think of something nice and have a smile run across your face. Of course that will last until the mo…

HAHAHA - Checkmate

Lori emailed me the following joke this morning. I find it funny to the point where i want to share it with everyone. So here it is:

My girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year when we decided to get married. My parents helped us in every way, and my friends encouraged me.

My girlfriend? She was a dream! There was only one thing bothering me. That one thing was her younger sister. My prospective sister-in-law was twenty years of age, wore tight miniskirts, and low cut blouses. She would regularly bend down when near me, and I got many a pleasant view of her underwear. It had to be deliberate. She never did it when she was near anyone else.

One day little sister calls and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived. She whispered to me that soon I was to be married, and she had feelings and desires for me that she could not overcome and did not really want to overcome.

She told me that she wanted to make love to me just once before …

Wow, fun weekend.

Wow, this weekend was pretty good and interesting.

I cannot remember what I did during the day and why I was feeling the way I did, but Friday night I did not really feel like doing anything or going anywhere. But, I had no desire what so ever to stay home either, so as in my nature, I decided to go for a trip and went to Brad’s apartment. Heh that was interesting night! Apparently the planed evening’s activity was to duke tape a 40 oz beer bottle to each hand and see who can finish ‘em first. The rules were, a player could not take the bottles off until both bottles were empty. Thus, if you ever needed to go to the can and you are a slow drinker you, were fucked. You either go in your pants or have you girlfriend hold it for you. In this case Brad was set, because Kim was coming over that evening, or so Brad thought. HAHA, He laughed at the rest of the guys, but they had the last laugh. Brad’s mood changed when Sean told him Kim had said she is going to play, also, when he had talked …

Don't be a prick!

Damn it I am so tired of seeing and reading of one person calling another a noob. It is so stupid. Does not matter what it is about. Everyone has started from the same place, same position, with ZERO clue, ZERO knowledge about whatever the subject where one person calls another a noob.

For example I was on the United Adminsforums, and was trying to help another person, who did not know anything abut servers and was starting fresh. So I told what that person should do and even gave him exact lines that should be his files. Some other guy replys to my post and tells me that I should not provide file names to people, it might confuse them more. Then proceeds to call the first person a nood. Yeah OK, shut up, I didn’t see you give any instructions on how to do things. Second, I do not believe that the installation instructions of the plug in can be any clearer. But, if a person still does not understand what s/he is supposed to do, it is time for explanations and examples, which is what I …

Migrating HLDS Linux server from WON to STEAM.

[caption id="attachment_612" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Valve's Steam logo."][/caption]

I found this tutorial in my back-ups from the old Clan MP website I had designed. This tutorial I wrote shortly after Valve released the Half-Life Steam Dedicated Server, but it never made it to the new web site. Now I am including it on my web site, simply because it is a more appropriate place for it here than on the MP web site. Another reason I am putting it here is because I am thinking to write other tutorials and publish them on my web site. The convenience of the blog database will allow me to keep the tutorials organized and still be able to present them to my blog reader.

Last update: Thursday January 01, 2004 12:45 PM

Hi everyone,

I hope this will be useful for all of you, who are having issues with updating to STEAM on Linux.

Here it is how after three days of sleepless headaches and swearing left and right at anyone and anything and t…

Got electricity?

Well, last night we lost electricity. It seemed like the whole town of West Seneca had lost electricity. It was dark every where, both Justice and Digger were freaking out! The power went out at around 7:30 P.M., it came back on around 9:30 or so. But that didn’t last for long. It was on for about five minutes, if that much. It was enough for me to boot up my computer and log on to AIM before it went out again. The electricity did not come back till about 11:10 P.M. After that it did not go out again.

We have not lost power for such a long period of time before. Last time we lost power was at the end of the summer last year, when the States had that major black out, after a power grid failed. This event also fried my cable modem. My conclusion about the power loss in our town last night was: Too Many Christmas Lights are On in the Town!

Loosing electricity during the day is fine, simply because it is still light outside and you can always find something to do that does not require elect…

Cool, and yet NOT that cool! Check your garage door opener.

After Lori returned home tonight, she asked me if I have been having problems with my garage door opener. One of the reasons is couple of weeks ago I figured out that I can open the garage door from down the street, way down the street, way way down the street. But, in the last week I have been having problems with that, and have had to get almost to the house before I am able to open the garage door. Usually people would think that it is time to change the battery in the remote, but this remote has not been used a whole lot, and I installed the garage door opener in the spring of this year. Second reason is that she was asked the same questions when she was out dining with her friend.

Hotmail mailbox storage boost.

I finally had my Hotmail mailbox upgraded to 250 MBs today. Something that was supposed to happen weeks ago if what MS Hotmail public relations were saying was true. They were saying that the mailboxes were going to be upgraded sequentially, starting from the oldest. HAHAHA, I have had my Hotmail account since late summer of 1999, keep in mind Microsoft took over Hotmail in 1998, and it still took them weeks to upgrade it. When Yahoo! Said they are going to upgrade the members’ mailboxes they did it on the fly. My mailbox was upgraded within day or two after the release of that statement. But all of that just does not matter, because I am starting to direct the majority of my email to my GMail account. Let us hope that rumors about it still being in its Beta version because Google Inc. has not figured out a way to profit from it are just rumors. I would be disappointed at Google if I have to redirect once again all of my email activity to another account, let say Yahoo!, because I wil…

Alexander - the movie.

Last night Caitlin and I went to the movies. We saw Alexander. I guess it was a good idea on her side, otherwise I would have skipped seeing the movie. For some reason when I was watching the previews for the movie, I just did not think that Colin Farrell is the right person to play the character. Knowing the type of characters he usually plays, I did not have the feeling that he would perform well in this movie. After seeing the movie last night I can say that I am pleased with the movie and Colin Farrell acted excellent.

I have heard a lot of criticism that the movie concentrated a lot on the “homosexuality” of Alexander. Yes some of the romantic scenes we very uneasy, simply because they were between two man. An environment not very common or one you might be used to unless you like watching a gay porno films. I am very much sure that if the words spoken were between man a woman the scenes would have been accepted by the public without ever giving them a second thought. It would hav…

Thanksgiving trip!

This entry is kind of late, but oh well; most of my entries are lat anyways.

I spend Thanksgiving with Lori and Brad in Ithaca with their relatives. It was good, I had good times and I was craving some Thanksgiving turkey anyways. We went to Ithaca Thursday morning, and I rode with Brad in his car. That was a fun experience. His car for whatever reason does not have heat. I checked the car’s fuses and Brad said he had it at a mechanic before, who had checked everything else and had told him that there was nothing wrong with it. I told him it seemed like the problem was coming from his temperature regulator on the car’s dash. It just did not seem like it was doing anything when you turned the knob to hot. Anyways! It was snowing / raining outside, so that made being able to see through the front window almost impossible. The damn window kept fogging up and Brad did not have anything to wipe it with. Finally I had something like a handkerchief in my jacket’s pocket, the type most people …