ssi.php – Thanks!

I have been trying to figure out how to strip and hack the code from the index page of the IPB forums, so I can have the posts from a specific forum displayed. The reason why I wanted to do that is so I can display the news on the Clan -(MP)- site. Until tonight what I was doing is have SQL table and forms to which I mirrored the news posts on the forums. That is kind of hard, simply because I am not the only person posting news. Whoever is making a news post they will have to remember that they make a post not only on the forums but also to the news form for the web site.

I do not have to try to figure out how to modify the original code any more. :razz:Thanks to a topic from the UA forums, I am going to use a tool which is already included with the IPB Forum files. Through the ssi.php I can call any forum and any number of posts I want, and display it on any page I want. I can use the same file to generate RSS and XML feeds, also.

I am happy about this, makes it much easier. Now I can start working on something else. I have few projects already lined up for me to start working on.

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