Is it a variable or is it a value?

LoL, just wiped up a quick script for the ad banners on my web site. I want to use different shaped banners in different locations on the website, but I do not want to make a separate file for the code of each ad. Why would I make a separate file for the code of each ad? Why do not I simply past the code in the page I am working on? Well, there are few reasons why I am doing that. They are as follows:

  • I love to make separate files for parts of code I use often and then including it in pages.
  • It is easier to work on code if it is in one location instead of having to edit and updated a whole load of pages.
  • Yes and I am still using include files, although I love mixing SQL and PHP, I still have not completely converted my site to query the pages code from a database. Something I am planning on doing in the coming months. LoL

    But back to the script I was working on. It took all about 2 minutes to write it. But damn, it took me 25 minutes to figure out what my problem was. I would pass in values, but for some reason the script did not deliver. Even though I looked over my code bunch of times, I just could not figure out what the problem was. I Googled other scripts and looked over them, but still nothing. Then I again, I looked over my code and it hit me when I saw what I had done. It was a simple and silly mistake. Instead of comparing my variables to the values being passed in, I was comparing them to other variables in the script. Silly so silly!!!

    All fixed now, woot. Now back to editing the WordPress files. 😀

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