Gmail Notifier 0.4

There was a new version release of the GMail extension for FireFox today. I tried upgrading mine through that Mozilla update application but I received some error. Like usual the Mozilla update server is generating errors and out of sync. :mad:Ahhh Grrrr:mad: I just had to go to the author’s web site and download the new extension file from there. Like usual!!!

Version 0.4 has only three new features:

  • Now uses a JavaScript XPCOM component. This means that all windows are now in sync.
  • [REQUEST] Option to reset counter to 0 when opening Gmail using the notifier.
  • [REQUEST] Opening Gmail in new tab option now focuses the new tab.
  • Personally I would not have release a new version just of these changes. Although, having all windows in sync makes sense and it useful to have.

    After I upgraded the extension, the browser crashed bunch of times. 😕 It is working fine now. I think it just needed to be restarted few times! LoL

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