TFnet hosts a new blog.

I just finished setting up the first blog I am hosting on my site for someone other than myself. Brad has expressed interest in the blogging concept after I explained to him what it is. Although he is not the first person I have offered to host a blog for, he is the first one to accept.

I was finally able to setup the redirect for Brad’s subdomain: Who would have thought that a ”/” would make such a big difference? Hehe, it always helps to read the instructions. LoL After I added Brad’s subdomain, I wanted to redirect it to the subdirectory of his blog, seeing that at the moment in his subdomain there is not any other content. I tried doing that on Saturday night, but I managed to mess up the redirecting process. Every time I browsed to his subdomain I was redirected to nonexistent places and given weird errors. I emailed my host company and asked for some assistance with the problem and the DNS record. Expecting some kind of response I did not bother with it yesterday, but this morning I still have not received a reply to my emails from the hosting company, so I decided to give it a try again and mess with the redirect. While I was doing that I red a note under the redirect form which stated:

Note: If you wish to have filename redirection (example: -> http://redirecturl/test.html) be sure to end with a trailing / on the end of the url.

In bold letters on top of that. Heh, should have paid more attention to it before.

Although, the instructions are about files, I decided to try doing the same for directories as well. After all I was pretty much out of options until the host’s support team answers my emails. I had the chance to look at the code of some other .htaccess files when I was searching for some sort of a solution on Saturday, and there the “/” was present. I though why not, I can and did try editing the .htaccess file in Brad’s subdomain and adding the slash and modifying the code, but to no avail. That is of course until this early morning! I know that he DNS records have to be updated, but it never clicked in my mind that editing the .htaccess file would not be enough, I had to use the redirect form. The note above helped me to make the connection. LoL

Now it is all working. The SQL database is populated, and the admin account is created. I will create Brad’s account, and let him type away tomorrow. Meanwhile I will start customizing the look and feel of his blog. I am using the latest nightly build of WordPress 1.3 and I cannot way to start modifying the code and see what new things I can do with it.

The address to Brad’s blog is:

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