How much to get someone interested in Star Trek?

The answer to that question is $6. That is how much it cost me to get my teenage son interested in Star Trek. Now I only have to ask him if he wants to watch Star Trek with me to get an affirmative answer.

For a long time, I could not get him to sit down and enjoy any of the Star Trek shows with me. So, I decided to make him and offer he could not refuse – I offered him $1 per episode he watches with me and coming back to review after six episodes. He said he will give it a try. I gave him a choice of several of the shows based on how I perceived their themes – animated, adventure, action. He said he wants to watch an action one, which meant we will watch Star Trek Discovery. I figured that starting him on one of the newer series would be easier to keep his interest, since they are more “polished” in their sets and effects. For reference, the animated choice was the Lower Decks, and for the adventure one it is Brave New World.

Well, I guess that worked out, because in just one weekend we were able to get through season one of Discovery. Now we are only three episodes away from finishing season three.

I am still working on a strategy to get my daughter into Star Trek!


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