Barack Obama presidential inauguration live video stream

For anyone that is not at the Barack Obama presidential inauguration or at home watching it, and you would like to watch it, you can do so here. I have embedded the UStream.TV live video stream below. The nice thing is that there is also audio, not just silent video.

07:48 AM Currently it is showing the presidential limo, staff members, secret service and other security waiting for president elect to come out and be take to the inauguration site. I can also hear in the distant background the inauguration orchestra practicing.

Update 08:21 AM That’s a lot of people. I am sure there is two or three times that somewhere around also attending the inauguration ceremony.

08:21 AM Presidential Inauguration - a lot of people
08:21 AM Presidential Inauguration – a lot of people

Update 08:28 AM I was just thinking, because of its significance and because of the people involved, this is probably one of the most documented events in our history! Publicly and privately.

Update 08:39 AM Here is another screenshot of the amount of people attending the presidential inauguration.

08:39 AM Presidential Inauguration - lots more people
AP Reporter

Update 09:01 AM The AP reporter just said that there are between 1 and 2 million people on site. Sorry I missed his name, but if you know his name feel free to leave his name in the comments below, I will update here. He also said that people are also as far as 1 mile away from the ceremony site. I don’t know what they can see from that far, but binoculars or telepresence will do, I suppose. The white rectangles you see on the right of the first and second images above are telepresence movie screens mounted on 18 wheelers.

Update 09:12 AM Bush and Obama together at last for the traditional transitional coffee.

Bush and Obama pose for a photo op.

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