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  • 3000MB does not equal 3GB

    I find it so annoying when companies and individuals, who are in the technology business or are technically inclined, incorrectly calculate storage space. For example WordPress founding member Matt Mullenweg, in his “Free Space to Three Gigabytes” post states that the free space on will be increased to 3,000 MB, yet the title states that […]

  • Friendfeed and Twitter – is it time for an intervention?

    I have decided to write this post sort of as an echo of Michael Arrington’s call for an intervention with Robert Scoble’s addiction to Freindfeed and Twitter, who has spend more than 2600 hours interacting with those services. I am rounding up from Michael’s post, because Robert states that he spend at least 7 hours […]

  • Audio Blogs!!!

    I thought of something new today to try and of course to experiment with. It is an Audio Blog! What is an audio blog? Exactly what it sounds like, a blog entry but instead of being a text entry it is a recording. This way for anyone, who is too lazy to read my entries, […]

  • TFnet hosts a new blog.

    I just finished setting up the first blog I am hosting on my site for someone other than myself. Brad has expressed interest in the blogging concept after I explained to him what it is. Although he is not the first person I have offered to host a blog for, he is the first one […]

  • Cold, it is not what I was looking for.

    Ahhh. I feel like rag. My throat has been soar for the past two weeks or so. Now, since yesterday I have a cold. On a positive note my throat does not hurt any more. Both of these are my own fault. I have been staying up to five o’clock in the morning for no […]