Cold, it is not what I was looking for.

Ahhh. I feel like rag. My throat has been soar for the past two weeks or so. Now, since yesterday I have a cold. On a positive note my throat does not hurt any more. Both of these are my own fault. I have been staying up to five o’clock in the morning for no reason. It is always like that when I stay up so early night after night.

Today I have been sneezing and blowing my nose, which by the way has been like Niagara Falls. Haa, what a coincidence, they are only twenty minutes from here. Tonight I went to Wegmans and bought Tylenol Cold – Night Time. For whatever reason the Tylenol Cold – Day Time does not cover Runny Nose. That is such nonsense! Why? Because, if you have a runny nose, like I am, you do not want the sniffles at the office, which if it is not scary to most people, it is defiantly annoying. At night, you are sleeping, you will be blowing your nose a lot less than during the day. But anyways, the meds kicked in two and a half hours later, so now instead of feeling like a rag, I am feeling like a drunk zombie. HAHAHA I think next time I will chew the pills, before I swallow them. It should take less time for them to dissolve and take effect.

It is taking me forever to work on things. My thought processes, although sluggish, are still turning. So, after spending little bit of time, I fixed the errors that were coming up on the home page. They start coming up after I activated the style chooser plug in for the blog.

Ahhhh, Half-Life 2 will be unlocked tomorrow morning at 3 A.M. I would love to stay up and play it for bit, test that Source engine and see how good the story line is. Unfortunately, at the moment, it looks like I am going to bed after CSI: Miami.

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