Audio Blogs!!!

I thought of something new today to try and of course to experiment with. It is an Audio Blog! What is an audio blog? Exactly what it sounds like, a blog entry but instead of being a text entry it is a recording. This way for anyone, who is too lazy to read my entries, can listen to them and of course enjoy my sweet voice with a sexy accent.

I will try to have most of my future text entries also converted to audio, but this is not guaranteed. Whenever I make any audio entries, which are not just a conversion of a text entry, I will include a summary or production notes of the audio entry and any highlights or links mentioned in it. This will allow you to decide if you want to listen to me or YES.

All audio entries, individual or text accompanying can be found under the Audio Blogs category. The audio files will be encoded in MP3 format. You can download the files to your computer or simply stream them from the server.

I am also thinking of buying a handheld recorder. Having one will allow me to record my thought and reactions to things I see or do or people I interact with during the day. I am positive this would be something entertaining and also give you an inside in my daily ventures.

Here is the first audio entry:

Audio Blogs

Of course, it is just an audio transcript of this entry.

2 responses to “Audio Blogs!!!”

  1. Aww :oops:, Thanks! 😎

    This is the first time I have actually done something like this! It took me quite a few takes before I got it right, to be exact – fifteen.:shock: LoL I still need a lot of work, though. I was really tired by the time I had a take that actually sounded good. As time goes the recordings should become much better.:grin:

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