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  • The Merge

    I have decided to merge all of the sub-domain blogs, e.g. thetitan, developer and tweets, into a single blog. I did this for few reasons: a) the home page is always bare; b) the decentralization has rezulted in my time being spend on customizing and managing multiple blogs instead of posting; c) lastly, I want…

  • Best World Parkour This is an old video…

    Best World Parkour This is an old video, but it is still good.

  • Happy Valentine’s day my Love

    My dear Amanda, You are beautifulI am in LoveOur children are precious I am far awayI think of youHappiness ensues I am homeI see youMy heart flutters Amanda, my wifeI love You, I miss YouCan hardly wait to see You A.I.T.

  • How to automatically redirect between HTTP and HTTPS [PHP]

    Using HTTPS allows for secure and encrypted communication between your web site and the visitor’s browser. Sometimes the transition doesn’t happen automatically so we need to enforce that secure communication between the server and the client, e.g. when using a shopping cart. One way to automatically switch from HTTP to HTTPS, using php, is a…

  • The iOS Design Cheat Sheet V2

    The iOS Design Cheat Sheet V2 by Ivo Mynttinen is an excellent reference tool if you are an iOS developer. Ivo has organized display sizes and resolutions, as well as some other hardware data, for each device into nice, easy to follow data tables.

  • .htaccess: Option FollowSymlinks not allowed here [Apache]

    If you ever receive the Apache/htaccess Symlinks error: .htaccess: Option FollowSymlinks not allowed here Simply replace FollowSymlinks with SymLinksIfOwnerMatch. It’s just a security feature that makes your website more secure.

  • Will we face the Apocalypse on Friday, 2012-12-21?

    Based on various prophecies from around the World there supposed to be some sort of major global event happening on Friday, December 21st. Whiles many call for the end of the world – the Apocalypse, others call for the return of Jesus – Messiah. If anything is to happen, these would be my guesses:

  • How To Split a Phone Number [PERL]

    Phone numbers, as we know, are most commonly made of three elements (area code) prefix-number. If your program or a script has to process phone numbers some times it is useful to separate the three elements and store them in separate variables. Below I will show you how you can achieve this in Perl using…

  • Do Address All of My Questions … In the Same Reply, Please!

    Multi-point messages: messages which might address multiple points or ask more than one question in the same body of text. I am positive that people do not lack in their mental capacity! So, why is it that they are incapable of reading an email message in its entirety? Even if they actually read everything, why…

  • Extraterrestrials and Us. Homo Sapiens are screwed

    I watched Skyline couple of nights ago, again. A great film, by the way! As I was watching it I realized who screwed we, Homo Sapiens, are as a species. We are screwed, because we fancy ourselves as being intelligent and smart, yet we do not really have any form of a viable defense against any extra terrestrial invasion. Just think about it – if an alien…