Do Address All of My Questions … In the Same Reply, Please!

frustrated computer userMulti-point messages: messages which might address multiple points or ask more than one question in the same body of text.

I am positive that people do not lack in their mental capacity! So, why is it that they are incapable of reading an email message in its entirety? Even if they actually read everything, why is it that they cannot address every, or most, of the subjects of that message beyond the first one?

Almost always I have had to deal with this problem when working with customer support. I email the support staff with three or four question and I only get a response to the first questions. At which point I have to email them back and tell them to read the rest of my message. Guess how many of my questions the CSR addresses in their response. What happens next? I have to email them back and tell them again to read the rest of my message. It is aggravating and discouraging. Often I just given up on following up on my other questions. My time is much better spent doing anything else but trying to work with these people.

Though, I can for sure say that it is an issue on both sides. The customers are just as human and just as prone to the same behavior. The customer reads the first paragraph or so from the support staff’s response and they rush to email back the CSR with a complaint, anger or some other questions. Any of which could have been avoided if only the customer had finished reading the entire message.

I think that from now on I will prepend my messages with an index of my questions or topics I am addressing. I will follow it up with a request to the recipient to read the message in its entirety before replying!

What do you think?

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