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Will we face the Apocalypse on Friday, 2012-12-21?

Based on various prophecies from around the World there supposed to be some sort of major global event happening on Friday, December 21st. Whiles many call for the end of the world – the Apocalypse, others call for the return of Jesus – Messiah. If anything is to happen, these would be my guesses:

  1. Something to do with Aliens – return back to Earth, as you know Space travel takes time; revealing themselves, though we already know that they exist; or an invasion, and we all know how that will go.
  2. Geological and tectonic shifts, which could result in the extinction of large number of species population. Hey, maybe this will take care of the overpopulation and exhausting resources consumption by those who believe to be the top of the food chain! That would be us humans (Homo sapiens), we are the only ones arrogant enough to believe that! Which reminds me, I can hardly wait to see the upcoming Will Smith film “After Earth”.
  3. Word War III – are we not over due for one of does, again? There is crazy unrest going on in the Middle East. Israel and Iran are taunting each other, so is North Korea the United States. There is financial downfall around the World, except for weapons manufacturers. Stressing people and leaving many homeless, jobless and desperate. Lastly, but not the least, tensions between societies undergoing ethnic and religious integration.
  4. Lastly, what many hope and pray for, or simply believe in – nothing. Nothing is going t happen.

My money is on number three. Might not be tomorrow, but soon. Though, one of the variations of number one might be interesting to see/experience. Let all hope and pray for number four.

For your entertainment I will end this post with few comic cells giving the answer to the question “Why does the Mayan calendar ends at 2012?”.

Mayan calendar cartoon

Mayan calendar cartoon

The Mayans ran out of space on the stone, of course. HAHA.