Extraterrestrials and Us. Homo Sapiens are screwed

Skyline Poster
Film Poster: Skyline

I watched Skyline couple of nights ago, again. A great film, by the way! As I was watching it I realized who screwed we, Homo Sapiens, are as a species. We are screwed, because we fancy ourselves as being intelligent and smart, yet we do not really have any form of a viable defense against any extra terrestrial invasion. Just think about it – if an alien race has the capacity to travel through open space, then they most likely also have the ability to mount proper offense.

– What, we can travel in space?! Militarize it.

Resources are scarce as we all know. We can only hope for one of few things:

  • We could hope that our first contact will be with a race of explorers, as we have come to imagine in TV series like Star Trek. A race who is still only in their early stages of space travel development and not yet in need of resources, and thus not in a great need to expend its dominion. Or, one which is in its latter stages, in less of a need to expend and mine new resources; one with well developed science and philosophies. Hence more interested in sharing knowledge than anything else.
  • Alternatively, we could hope that there is some kind of a exploratory/defense strategy program in place, similar to the one depicted in the Stargate series. At least, with something like it we will have some sort of a survival chance. Unfortunately, the few times it came down to evacuating our beloved planet, third rock from the Sun, as it has humorously been called before, only a few thousand people were called for. The scientists, brainiacs, military, and of course we cannot forget few lucky politicians. So at the end, sadly majority of us will seize to exist … prematurely.

I certainly do wish that if we are to come in contact with an extraterrestrial “peaceful” civilization, it is not like the one featured in a latter season of Stargate SG1. Deceptive, under the pretense that they only want to share knowledge and help us advance ourselves, live better, longer, and healthier. Yet, at the same time the medicine they provide ends up causing sterility amongst the population over a decade or so. Thus asserting a long therm seize and control territory expansion strategy.

Best would be the idealized desire that we will be sufficiently advanced in our technology and thinking, and planetary defense, that when we make that contact we would be prepared for what might happen. Or better yet, we are the advanced extraterrestrial specie, which makes contact with others.

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