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It is Texas, turn off your Christmas decorations!

With the cold front we are currently undergoing, and the fact that it is supposed to continue for another two days, it is very much expected for the power grid to be under some very high demand for the next few days, but especially tonight. Considering that this is Texas, and the power grid can suffer from stability issues, e.g., winter of 2021, and the fact that we already had a power outage tonight, I am very surprised that people in my neighborhood are keeping they Christmas decorations on. In might house, we have turned off all decorations, inside and outside. Not only is that going to provide some ease on the power grid, but it will also compensate on the power bill, because the HVAC systems will be running more frequently over the new few days.

It is only neighborly to not contribute to the collapse of the power grid when it is most needed!


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