My afternoon got flipped

My activity plan for the afternoon was to remove several overgrown bushes, maybe cut the grass, it takes me only an hour. I was also going to replace several boards on the fence, and deal with fire ants. In other words – yard work.

That quest line did not last. Actually it did not start at all!

When I got in the car, so I can go get the fire ants chemicals and the boards for the fence, it would not start. The electronics would come on, but the starter would not turn over. After spending some time contemplating what the issue might be I decided to jump the car – maybe the battery was low just enough not to be able to flip the starter. Well, that did it. It turned out that the battery was low.

Now, instead of going to the hardware store I ended up spending some time looking up locations of automotive stores and researching car batteries. I ended up getting an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) type of battery. They are supposed to last longer and perform better both in cold and hot weather and require minimal maintenance. Considering that the last battery lasted for five years, I think this one was a good choice.

Installed the battery and everything is back to normal. Though, now it is too late to do yard work and it is time for dinner.

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