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  • Open my ears? That is dangerous!

    Here is another golden statement from my son. Today, on the way to my wife’s parents, Alexandar was making lots of noise in the car with his milk cup by banking it agains his seat. After Amanda counted him out she took his cup, at which point he started to cry and complain. I told […]

  • Son: I’m not picking up this … I will have to wash my hands!

    It is nice to see how one’s child is developing and how new thought processes are emerging. My son, Alexandar, last night demonstrated forward thinking and logic. My son did not have dinner with us last night, because he ate not too long before the rest of us had dinner. So, during dinner he was […]

  • A Dad Moment – Reading in English

    The following quote is from my desktop Dads calendar, given to me by my wife: A Dad Moment Ricky held his one-year-old daughter Emily in his lap. She was jabbering in baby talk as she flipped the pages of a picture book. Nearby, Ricky’s five-year-old son Tim said, “Dad, make her read it in English […]

  • No smoking for you! Not in this car.

    Recently Amanda and I went car shopping. Now that Alexandar is growing bigger and we are planing on having a family expansion we needed something other than the Jeep. So, we went looking at minivans. After looking at the 5th minivan I was becoming more and more bored of the activity and pretty much all […]

  • And now few words from my son

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  • It’s a BOY!! Woohhhoo

    It’s a BOY!! Woohhhoo