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  • 65 – enjoying a movie without expectations

    65 – enjoying a movie without expectations

    The family and I went to see the new Adam Driver movie – 65. My family did not know what the movie was about. As far as me, from what the trailer showed, I knew that Adam Driver was in it, seemed like it was Sci-Fi, and there were dinosaurs. So, I definitely was going […]

  • My Theories about Raised by Wolves

    After finishing the sixth episode in season 2 of Raised by Wolves – The Tree, I have some theories on what might be going one. So far everything has been a collection of mysteries and exploration. But, after seeing how the sea creatures interacted with Tempest and her baby, the result of contact with a […]

  • Valve being bought by Google. Please say it isn’t so.

    Valve being bought by Google! That is a horrible thought, but there are number of web sites which are reporting this. Here are a few links: I decided to send Valve a quick email, and I think that everyone that is agains this happenign should do as well. Good morning, TechCrunch and TheInquirer are reporting […]

  • Half-Life 2 held hostage? – PC News at GameSpot

    Recently VALVe made an announcement about the first RC (release client) of the heavily anticipated Half-Life 2 game. The company said that they have submitted a RC to Vivendi Universal (VU) publishing company for review. If the client is approved, then the game will go gold*. Meaning VU will begin the process of reproducing the […]