Get of the phone asshole, your sons are about to drown.

Amanda and I spend last weekend at Kalahari resorts’ Wisconsin location. In their indoors park they have a lazy river, the dept of which varies from 1 foot and 9 inches to little over 3 feet, and at places the current is actually fast. As Amanda and I were floating down the river we came by an on/off location and there were two little boys that had just entered the “lazy” river. At that location the current was picking up and it swept the boys away from the stairs. As they lost control, and because the ledge was too high for them to grab onto, panic was becoming apparent. I stopped and stopped them from further floating away. I asked them if they wanted to get out. The affirmative answer was more than obvious. As I picked them up to carry them out, I looked up and their dad was walking by the ledge, talking on this f*ing mobile. The guy was there the whole time, he saw what happened before I became involved. Even after I had already engaged them he never reacted to their panic, neither did he acknowledged what I did for his sons. Even after I helped them out of the water he simply started walking with them back to wherever their belongings were. This douche never got off his mobile, nor did he even interrupted his conversation to say something to me or at the least to ask his sons if they were OK.

2 responses to “Get of the phone asshole, your sons are about to drown.”

    • As appealing as it might have been, there were few factors preventing it:

      1. It wouldn’t have been appropriate in front of his sons. As big of a douche that he was/is, boys still need a male figure, who teaches, protects and shows them how to accomplish things. In this case, I don’t know how much of the above this guys was accomplishing. In any case, administering a beat down on this guy might have had negative effects on his boys’ psyche.
      2. I would have been arrested for assault.
      3. End of vacation, out of the resort.
      4. Just as important as #1, my wife wouldn’t have appreciated use being removed from the resort and having to deal with the cops.

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