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  • Get of the phone asshole, your sons are about to drown.

    Amanda and I spend last weekend at Kalahari resorts’ Wisconsin location. In their indoors park they have a lazy river, the dept of which varies from 1 foot and 9 inches to little over 3 feet, and at places the current is actually fast. As Amanda and I were floating down the river we came…

  • Home, Sweet Home!

    We are finally back home, after a two week honeymooning in Californian. There, Amanda and I, spend two weeks driving south from San Francisco to San Diego, stopping in various towns and spending few days here and there. It is good to be back.

  • San Francisco

    On Friday Amanda and I got married and yesterday we left on our honeymoon. Our first stop was San Francisco. My first impressions of the city were not great, after we first arrived. But that was due to soon chance. After a decent rest, this morning we headed out to explore certain sections of the…